Teary Eyed Hayride

This Reetz family adventure quite possibly ranks as one of the best days of my life. We visited Mulberry Lane Farm in Sherwood, WI. Hands down the best pumpkin patch and petting farm ever. I milked a cow, picked up chickens, fed goats and sheep, and let a pig untie my shoe laces. Maple was getting a little sleepy when we arrived, but didn’t let that stop her from taking in all she could. She held a pretty solid ‘thinking face’ the entire day, pointing, shouting ‘oh!’ and ‘ooh!’ and of course, ‘ONK ONK!’ and ‘CACK CACK!’.

The last part of our guided tour of the farm included a hayride to a pumpkin patch. Maple was thrilled to be riding in the wagon standing up on hay bails rather than being snapped into her car seat. We snuggled together, breathing the crisp fall air, completely living in the moment. That’s when it hit me, once again- Is this for real? I’m really on a hayride with my family? My family? Its like a dream. The dream. I really think I’m living the dream. What could be better than this?

View more pictures at Reetz Family Pictures.

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Back to School

When Matt was a freshman in college,

the kids who are currently in his classes

were entering the fourth grade.

And one of his professors was a NOF fan.

Oh Matt… a husband, a father, and a school boy.

Go UW O.

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Reetzs Unplugged Rewind

have people over for a party
play wild percussion music with maple and friends

wake up
lazy around
pick up the house
go to the park
coffee at copper rock
take a long nap
go to the mall
out for mexican and margaritas
chat with colleen

wake up
lazy around
take a long nap
visit the paine art center in oshkosh
out for coffee
gingerootz happy hour date with becks
drunken silly talk with learys

hang over
3 eggs and 6 slices of bacon at blueberry hill
back to bed
feeling better
coffee at starbucks
childrens museum with maple
chipotle salad. yum.
another nap
go to the park
dinner at plum hill
out to a movie- first time in over a year!
drive overnight to door county

wake up in door county
maple pees on dad
maple and dad take a bath
good eggs for breakfast
coffee at leroys
a walk by the water while baby sleeps in car
family nap!
go swimming in sweet indoor pool
lunch at grains n greens
visit a christmas shop!
family metal art project at hands on
dinner at the cookery- white fish! yum!
drive home

family pick-up the house day
go to the goat farmer for milk
drive up north to the cabin
hang out, veg, watch tv
sleep like babies

breakfast at 2Bs Loggers
visit the lakewood zoo- mad Siberian tigers!
Kelly Ziemann’s grandparents 50th anniversary party
hang with the Reetz family at the cabin
wicked game of 500
watch the great outdoors before bed

more reetz family time
drive home
party at Sam and Todd’s- so nice
home, sleep

What a relaxing vacation… Full of wonderful memories, sappy emotions…
Pictures to come!

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Reetzs Unplugged

Monday begins Reetzs Unplugged.
No, we’re not playing a family band exclusive acoustic show. (But if we did, I’m sure it’d be amazing.) We’re taking the last week of summer off from work to unwind, recharge, and reconnect before the rigmarole of fall semester kicks off. We’re unplugging the television and disabling the internet, going on family outings and romantic dates. I’m so excited.
514 N. Center Street becomes The Vacation Station: a not-quite-tropical Reetzsort, providing a week of fun and relaxation for the whole family.
Woo Hoo!

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goodbye sweet summer

I know, I know. Its not over yet, but I’m so excited for fall that I can’t help but wish the remainder of summer away. I’m looking forward to cool crisp breezes, routines, (and of course, holidays).

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Fourth Photos

Over the fourth, we spent a night on Lake Poygan with our dear friends Dan, Amy, Audre, and Brian. It was just the sort of relaxing, refreshing time I needed. Of course Audre brought her camera along… her photos are posted here. Enjoy.

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Patio Love

My favorite evenings are spent like this.

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